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Prepare for Unlimited Adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online

Itching to explore The Elder Scrolls Online‘s massive world of Tamriel with your friends? Well, the wait is over: The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited launches worldwide for Xbox One on June 9, giving you hundreds of hours of fantasy adventures. Tamriel Unlimited includes all of the awesome content that the game’s PC fan base has enjoyed for the past year, including the new Justice and Champion systems. You can quest alone, or join your friends to explore Tamriel and engage in epic player vs. player combat.

Best of all: Tamriel Unlimited only requires a one-time purchase, with no subscription fees. You’ll be able to purchase optional downloadable content packs or a premium ESO Plus membership – but once you’ve got the game, you can play without restrictions, which means limitless possibilities for online adventuring.

Check out the brand-new “Elder Scrolls Online: 3 Fates” video to learn more about the three alliances struggling for control of Tamriel’s Ruby Throne, and to get a taste of what awaits you when The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited storms onto Xbox One this summer.

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