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Chinese console trial to expand nation-wide

China will open its borders to video game consoles.

Last year, the Chinese government allowed a trial of video game console sales in Shanghai, ending a 14 year ban.

Bloomberg reports the trial went well enough that China has elected to allow the business nation-wide.

Platform holders still have to wait on local governments, who need to legislate in support of the industry, but some customs procedures and other laws from inside the trade zone will be expanded to the whole of China.

Assuming the same rules of the trial apply to wider distribution, platform holders need to abide by various regulations, including strictures on content.

Microsoft took advantage of the Shanghai trial, so expect to see it expand into the highly lucrative Chinese market soon. Sony has been dragging the chain a bit, but has planned to bring the PS4 to Chinese gamers after making certain adjustments requested by Chinese authorities.

There are several Chinese consoles on sale now, too, thanks to partnerships with local content providers.

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