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Will Battlefield Hardline ever get jets? Only if it makes sense, says dev

Battlefield Hardline is an infantry-focused game, and as such won’t include any jets or tanks on launch. But what about future DLC?

Hardline developer Visceral Games answered a couple of fan questions on Twitter regarding whether or not it would make sense to have military heavy hitters like jets or even tanks.

@MikaelCartwrite No Jets or Tanks in this one

— Visceral Games (@VisceralGames) January 31, 2015

The studio then clarified that it’s not a ‘never’.

@darmbuster in the initial release no, but if it fits the themes of any additional content, perhaps.

— Visceral Games (@VisceralGames) February 1, 2015

Battlefield Hardline is perhaps too fast for something like tanks or jets, but who knows?

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