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Unmechanical: Extended

PC gamers should probably remember Unmechanical from the year 2012, developed by Teotl Studios. Year later they also created it for iOS devices. And now Grip Games decided to bring this game to consoles, with extra content.

Unmechanical: Extended is a beautiful platformer/puzzle game with a brand new “Extended” story episode that contains more puzzles and mysteries to solve. Do you dare enter? Story starts when you are abducted into a secret underground world full of fantastic machinery. Flying freely through the strange world, you have to solve a wide variety of puzzles and mysteries. The journey to freedom begins! On your adventure you may also begin to understand the reason behind it all – the underworld may be more than it seems, the fateful descent more than just chance, and you might not be entirely alone there after all. You will have five huge, non-linear levels to explore. And dozens of puzzles that will test your skills.

Most of puzzles in Unmechanical: Extended are pretty good. There are logic and memory exercises, and dexterity challenges. Lots of different puzzles to solve. And if you do not know what to do next, you can also use hints that help you understand how to solve next puzzle. Most times these hints are very useful, but not always.

If you are looking for a short nice puzzle game, with variety of puzzles to solve, then this game is for you. It will not disappoint you. The game offers you a variety of puzzles and beautiful visuals. Only problem is that Unmechanical does not have much of a story to tell. There is a little robot who is looking for a way out. And that’s all you will know.

Information for parents:
The game offers both logic and memory exercises, and teaches children to problem solving. Therefore, I recommend this game for all ages.


  • Beautiful visuals.
  • Variety of puzzles.


  • The game has no story.