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Assassin’s Creed haystacks won’t save you from a fall

Assassin’s Creed fans, don’t try this at home.

Assassin’s Creed characters can survive falls of almost any distance as long as they aim for the haystacks scattered handily throughout the environment.

As you probably deduced from your familiarity with common sense, this isn’t a real thing: falling from heights kills you, the same way a box of tissues flying off your car back seat in an emergency stop can kill you.

Physics students from the University of Leicester turned their considerable brains to figuring out just how impossible haystack falls are, and found that for a haystack of approximately 1.5 metres, falling from anywhere about 12 to 13 metres is a very bad idea.

The absolute maximum survivable distance is 50 metres, but you’d be massively injured.

Stay on the ground, assassins. Leave parkour to the birds.

Thanks, games.on.net.

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