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Destiny: it is possible to solo the Weekly Heroic

Destiny players willing to faff about with their system clock can solo the Weekly Nightfall if they prefer.

The Weekly Heroic is one of Destiny‘s toughest challenges. Responding to player feedback Bungie implemented matchmaking for the Weekly Heroic, but there are players who genuinely prefer to go it alone.

There’s now no legitimate way to go it alone, unfortunately – even if you close your fireteam, strangers may still drop into your game.

YouTuber Chris Lawrence to the rescue. If you follow the guide below, you’ll no longer get blow-ins during your game. It won’t stop your friends from joining you, but the randos will be held at bay.

This method won’t work on Xbox One, unfortunately, because you can’t change your system time while connected to Xbox Live – presumably to stop various exploits like this.

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