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Borderlands characters now playable in Dance Central: Spotlight

Borderlands and Dance Central have teamed up for a very cool free update.

You can play as Borderlands’ Nisha or Claptrap in Dance Central Spotlight thanks to a recent update.

Interestingly, Harmonix and Gearbox snuck this update in very quietly – it’s even a secret feature. In a very old-school move, you need to enter a smple code in a menu to activate the characters.

You can now dance with 2 @Borderlands char in DCS! Press X or Y 5 times in char select to unlock Nisha and Claptrap! pic.twitter.com/hsYsWwXjGH

— Dance Central (@Dance_Central) March 8, 2015

The update is a nice promotion for the upcoming Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC, which takes place in Claptrap’s mind. And it’s very on brand – Claptrap loves to dance.

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