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Titanfall’s DLC is free forever

Titanfall developer Respawn has clarified that the free DLC and season pass offer currently in-effect, is in fact not a timed one.

All the DLC packs along with the season pass of Titanfall were made free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and later on PC earlier in the week.

Today, developer Respawn Entertainment confirmed that they will remain free going forward to anyone purchasing the game.

@deathspankd This content is free starting now and will remain free for all users who purchase Titanfall for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC

— Titanfall (@Titanfallgame) March 11, 2015

This may have something to do with Respawn reconsidering its stance on paid map packs. Studio co-founder Vince Zampella said last night that the studio is considering an Evolve-like model for Titanfall 2. Evolve’s model offers all post-launch maps free to everyone, but charges for optional character and weapon skins.

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