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Is the Disgaea team making a horror game?

Disgaea developer Nippon Ichi is teasing something a bit creepy.

The live action video below was added to Nippon Ichi’s YouTube channel and labelled “new title”.

You may have spotted something a bit unsettling at 0:37. And what’s up with that chair?

The voice at the end, presumably that of the person carrying the torch, says, roughly, “Sister … come home?”

It leaves us with many more questions than answers. Despite my headline, it’s entirely possible this is being developed by another studio; Nippon Ichi is a publisher as well as a developer. And, of course, the teaser may have no resemblance to whatever project is being teased, because Nippon Ichi is a bit oddball sometimes.

I would play the heck out of this game though, of course, because I enjoy crying and hiding under the desk in terror.

There’s been no updates to NIS America’s channel, so we’ll await further developments.

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