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Destiny: should you buy Plan C?

One of the most famous fusion rifles is on sale this week in Destiny. Is it worth your Coins?

Plan C can be yours this week for 17 Strange Coins. You only need to find Xur. Given the state of fusion rifles in Destiny now, is it worthy of your Exotic slot?

We’ve asked our Destiny expert Alex to help us out, and the answer is not a simple yes or no.

“In short, it’s a good gun, one worth having in your collection,” he said. “The Arc damage will mean it’ll have its uses in some Nightfalls (this week for example), however in the crucible people don’t use Fusion Rifles quite as much as they used to – that being said, the Plan C perk does mean that if you did want to use it in PvP, it’s one of the better options due to the fast charge times.

One other interesting bit is that Plan C can take out the devil walker on the Shadow Thief strike with only 3 shots, provided Arc burn is active.

“If you have some spare coins kicking around and you don’t have it, pick it up, but if your coins are precious, then this weapon can wait.”

There you have it, folks. It’s one of the best fusion rifles, but do you use fusion rifles?

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