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Mass Effect Andromeda to have combat similar to ME3 and no returning characters

Mass Effect Andromeda will be built on a new engine, but will retain some elements from the previous games.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set in the titular galaxy. The original trilogy was set in the Milky Way. Because of that, the new game will not bring back any of the old characters. It wouldn’t make sense, according to BioWare.

Chris Wynn, senior development director at the studio told a fan as much earlier on Twitter.

@_Anderzzz story wise, it wouldn’t make much sense.

— Chris Wynn (@The1Wynn) August 10, 2015

So no major characters. But what about minor ones? Wynn couldn’t confirm it, seeing as the story isn’t done yet. BioWare will also bring other elements from older games such as the Mako and some races, to make players feel at home.

Another thing that will make fans feel at home is that the game’s combat is based on that of Mass Effect 3 – arguably the best in the series for combat. Wynn added that other new elements will make the combat feel more dynamic, yet similar.

We still don’t know enough about Andromeda. We only found out about the name recently. We know it will bring a new hero, and may include crafting.

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