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Destiny: The Taken King Subclass skills Artifacts outlined for Hunter, Warlock, Titan

Today during its livestream, Bungie outlined some of the news skills and Artifacts available for Subclasses in Destiny: The Taken King.

The Artifacts are explained for you above, thanks to Arekkz Gaming.

Also shown today was a new Strike against the Shield Brothers which takes place in the loot filled Dreadnaught.

The Warlock Subclass can use a skill called Storm Caller, which is all about channeling lightning. It can also use a new Storm Grenade, which is like a storm in your pocket. Upon being tossed, it causes a AoE storm where it lands.

This Subclass can also call upon lightning, and using the Landfall modifier, the character can float above enemies and throw a lightning bolt. It can also make use of Chain Lightning, and the new Pulsewave Artifact will provide a speed boost.

The Titan Subclass was also shown, along with the Sunbreaker hammer. Using it along with the Sunspot mechanic will provide the player with a gain overkill and it rains fire upon enemies and is especially good for PvP.

Nightstalker is the Hunter Subclass and it’s the first support role for the character. A Spike grenade was revealed, and the class can use Shadowshot for its arrows, and a new Smoke Bomb will also be available. It allows the class to vanish in smoke, and is a modification for the grenade.

Public events, rewards and Oryx will be shown next week.


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