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Ace Attorney 6 set in a foreign country where people “place faith in the souls of the dead”

Capcom has launched the official website for Ace Attorney 6, and it provides a few details on the game’s setting.

Translated by Gematsu, Ace Attorney 6 finds Phoenix Wright leaving Japan and travelling to a foreign country where “people put their faith in the souls of the dead.”

Since he no longer has enemies in his country, he will instead try to change the court system in this new region after he is involved in an “incident”. Wright will use a “Water Mirror” system to find clues, which shows text and images in the water.

One of the characters in the game is tour guide and apprentice priest Bokuto Zuani. He will help Wright by explaining the country’s culture and history as the attorney is unfamiliar with it.

More characters were shown in screenshots on the website, but bios weren’t posted. You can have a look at the screenshots over Gematsu.

A release date for Ace Attorney 6 hasn’t been announced, but it will be made available in both Japan and the west. It will also be on-hand at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.

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