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Land’s End is the new game from the team behind Monument Valley

Land’s End, a VR experience by ustwo in which you “awaken a lost civilisation”, is nearing completion.

Land’s End will launch on October 30 through the Oculus Home portal, but its customer base will be fairly limited: it’ll only be available for those with a Samsung Galaxy S6 with a Gear VR headset.

In an interview with Tech Crunch, designer Ken Wong has described the game as “a spiritual cousin to Monument Valley”, with a similar focus on artistry and interacting with the environment.

Movement is controlled by head movement: if you look at a point of light, you’ll start to steadily move towards it. It’s designed to be a fairly meditative experience, played for a few minutes at a time.

Monument Valley, ustwo’s previous game, won two BAFTAs and sold over 2.4 million copies.

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