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Fallout 4 won’t have timed exclusive DLC

Rejoice! There will be no timed exclusive DLC for Fallout 4.

There’s no need to freak out that you’ve bought the wrong console – Fallout 4 will not have its DLC released on one system before another.

Timed exclusive DLC causes quite a lot of upset. Publishers favour one console over another and the staggered release pisses off a lot of fans.

But if you’re buying Fallout 4 in November you have nothing to worry about. Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed DLC is dropping on all formats at the same time.

@XxThe5sGuyxX we aren’t doing a DLC exclusive with anyone

— Pete Hines (@DCDeacon) September 27, 2015

DLC for the game will begin dropping early next year and will run you an extra $30 via the season pass.

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