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Star Wars: Battlefront beta files reveal Han Solo, Princess Leia, Hero Hunt mode

A couple of Star Wars: Battlefront players did some digging around in the beta files on PC and found some interesting entries.

According to reddit users TheeUberMedic and radgamerdan, voice files for Han Solo, Princess Leia and The Emperor are located in the file directors along with something called Hero Hunt mode.

According to TheeUberMedic, PC players who want a look for themselves can “find the location of the folder which is in program files, origin games, and battlefront, click on the data folder, then the win32 folder.”

Find the file called “characters.sb” and start looking around. There you will find files for Han Solo, Princess Leia and Emperor Palpatine.

Another file “/data/challenges/forest_chapter_25_herobattle” indicates a possible yet to be revealed mode called Hero Hunt. That sounds rather interesting doesn’t it?

If you head through the second reddit link, radgamerdan has posted links to Soundcloud files featuring the Voice Overs for the aforementioned characters along with Boba Fett and the mysterious Hero Hunt.

The Star Wars: Battlefront open beta kicks off today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Thanks, AGB.

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