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Take a look at the first PC gameplay of Street Fighter 5 in 4K

The Street Fighter 5 beta – phase 2 of which is currently underway – has given us a look at the options menu for the PC version, and some very high-resolution footage.

Ahead of the Street Fighter 5 beta launch later today on PC, PCMRace captured some footage in 4K, as well as show off the game’s options menu.

Here are the resolution and graphics settings available (Spansih).

And here they are in English:

  • Image Quality: Custom
  • Resolution scale: 100 (Max)
  • Depth of Field: Far (Max)
  • Antialiasing: High (Max)
  • Post-Processing: High (Max)
  • Shadows: High (Max)
  • Textures: High (Max)
  • Effects: High (Max)

And finally, here’s some 4K gameplay featuring R. Mika and Necalli.

Click here for exact start times for the beta on all platforms.

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