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That SNES PlayStation prototype turned out to be the real deal

Not only is the Nintendo PlayStation prototype real, it may be just the second one ever produced.

Back in July, a prototype SNES PlayStation turned up, having been in some guy’s attic for years.

These devices definitely existed before Nintendo and Sony parted ways, leading to the eventual release of the first PlayStation, but units are so rare and secret that many were skeptical of the original poster’s claims.

Engadget caught up with owners Terry and Dan Diebold in Hong Kong, where they’d brought the prototype for an appearance at a retro gaming expo. The site’s team got to see the console powered up and working, and even took it apart to look at the CD drive. Inside were markings suggesting it might be just the second of the 200 manufactured prototypes.

Engadget and third parties seem pretty satisfied with the device’s authenticity and the story of how it made it into the Diebold’s attic. Go read the full article for all the details.

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