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Iron Banner returns to Destiny December 29

Destiny PvP hounds can once more square up the Crucible’s most rewarding challenge series.

Destiny: The Taken King won’t sit idle when the Sparrow Racing League ends later this month; oh no! We go straight from one event to another, as the next Iron Banner kicks off on December 29.

Bungie is yet to detail the rewards on offer this time; expect an update soon. With any luck there’ll be helmets on offer this time.

Usually, players have a chance to earn new, exclusive end-game weapons and armour, either in drops or by purchasing them. To be eligible for drops or shopping, you need to climb the event’s reputation ranks. Past event’s rewards will also drop, although you can’t buy them.

If you’ve never taken Lord Saladin’s challenge, it’s time to get out of the raid cycle and step up. Personally, I made out like a bandit on my first serious attempt, shooting up to 304 Light and collecting almost every available reward. Still haven’t got that sweet wolfskin cloak, though.

Next Iron Banner? December 29th. Once SRL concludes, Lord Saladin returns to the Tower. Gear announcements to come. Stay tuned.

— Bungie (@Bungie) December 15, 2015

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