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The Division ARG tells you how much bacteria is living on the cash in your pocket

Ubisoft has created a web-based ARG of sorts for The Division, and it asks users to scan their cash using a webcam.

Alternatively, the bank note’s serial number can be entered to ascertain how contaminated the greenbacks are, which ties into the game’s backstory.

In The Division, the virus which swept through the populous was spread through money on Black Friday, leading to the downfall of society.

Arekkz has put together a video explaining how it all works, and you can have a go at the ARG through the link posted above.

The serial number of the £100 note I entered showed high urine quantity and high instances of staph bacteria, cocaine and marijuana. In all there were 16,844 bits of bacteria on it, making it a medium risk note.

It never mentioned feces, thank goodness. I would have vomited. Always wash your hands after handling money, kids.

The Division is expected on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in March.

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