Street Fighter 5 went down for maintenance today, and it isn’t coming back up any time soon.

Street Fighter 5 shut up shop at 1:00pm PST for an expected three hour maintenance period.

Two hours later, Capcom announced an extra hour of downtime. One hour after that, it announced a further additional hour. Then came the bombshell:

We are extending our maintenance indefinitely. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to reopen ASAP.

— SFV Server (@SFVServer) February 23, 2016

Well. That just about puts the cherry on this launch week, doesn’t it? Street Fighter 5’s servers predictably collapsed on release day, but they’ve been unpleasantly patchy as the days roll on – despite Capcom’s claim the majority of issues had been resolved by the end of the week.

A second stack of fixes over the weekend made some progress, but clearly whatever it is that’s gone wrong with Capcom’s server tech is serious enough to warrant taking the whole thing offline until it can be fixed.

This would all be less of a headache if Street Fighter 5 had enough offline content, but it’s very much focused on online competitive play. Capcom has said it’s looking in to adding Arcade mode, thankfully, and more story mode content is on the way.

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