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Dead Island Collection for PS4, Xbox One comes with 16-bit side-scroller per retail listing

A Definitive Edition for Dead Island will be released in May, according to retailer Best Buy, and it comes with a stand-alone 16-bit side-scrolling runner game set within the universe.

Listed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Dead Island: Definitive Collection contains definitive versions of both Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide along with Dead Island: Retro Revenge.

Dead Island: Retro Revenge is described as a “brand new stand-alone 16-bit game” based upon classic games of the past. It was outed by the AU Classification system earlier this year as well as the Brazil advisory Rating Board.

The collection is available for pre-Order for $39.99 and set for a May 31 release.

We’ll poke Deep Silver and see if we can find out more.

Thanks, Gematsu.

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