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The Division – Ubisoft shutting down this Phoenix Credits farming method

Now that players have found and exploited the closest thing to Destiny’s Loot Cave in The Division, Ubisoft is working to remove it.

If you’ve been following talk of The Division‘s end-game, you’ll have no doubt heard of the race to farm Phoenix Credits everyone’s in. A few days go, some crafty players discovered a relatively easy and guaranteed way to farm them.

This method basically required you to spawn at the Autumn’s Hope safe house, kill a named boss close by, die and repeat. It’s only useful for level 30 players, unlike Destiny’s Loot Cave, which was accessible to pretty much everyone.

Ubisoft, however, will soon fix this exploit nonetheless.

One fan asked on Twitter whether or not the developers will do anything about it, and the answer was a clear ‘yes’.

@mv_dau_dev_null The team is already working on it ?

— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) March 18, 2016

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