The reset officially signals the start of a new week in Destiny.

Destiny weekly reset for April 26 – Court of Oryx, Nightfall, Prison of Elders changes detailed

Destiny’s weekly server reset is here with a new set of of activities for you to do. Expect a new Nightfall strike, Prison of Elders changes, Court of Oryx bosses, and more.

Find the lot below:

Weekly Nightfall: Fallen S.A.B.E.R. is this week’s Nightfall with modifiers Small Arms, Grounded, Chaff, and Trickle.

Small Arms grants bonus damage when using primary weapons. Grounded makes it so you take more damage while airborne. Chaff disables your radar, and Trickle greatly reduces charge rate of your abilities.

Court of Oryx

Balwur is the tier 3 boss this week, defeat him easily using our guide.

Prison of Elders

-Level 32: Cult of the Worm

-Level 34: Broken Legion

Sterling Treasure

Don’t forget to visit the Postmaster to get your free weekly Sterling Treasure chest. Playing a full match of the new level 41 Prison of Elders gets you another chest, as will finishing a round in the weekly Crucible playlist.

Catch up on what Sterling Chests are through here.

King’s Fall raid challenge

The Warpriest challenges you this week in the King’s Fall raid. Our full guide will get you ready for the fight. You can also watch this video for a few tips.

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