Keen to sail the seas in Rare’s upcoming pirate game? Here’s when you can expect to play.

Sea of Thieves: Microsoft announces release window for Rare’s pirate game

Sea of Thieves is a super-fun-looking title from Rare about swashbuckling and all things pirate-y. And it’s going down a storm at E3.

But when can we get our hands on it?

Videogamer has reported that the release date has apparently been delayed from its original 2016 date to February 2017.

In an interview with Kinda Funny, Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox Games marketing said, “Sea of Thieves is coming out in [February with] Scalebound, [and] a lot more titles. This is our biggest games lineup we’ve ever had over the next year. As a first-party we will publish and release more games and more exclusives than we ever have.”

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