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Xbox One S: here’s a unboxing video and side-by-side size comparison

Just how much smaller is Xbox One S than the one you have now? Have a look for yourself.

Xbox One S: here’s an unboxing video and side-by-side size comparison

Of course you would expect it to be smaller: it’s a slim model. And Microsoft already told you it was 40% smaller than the box you have on the shelf of your entertainment center.

CNET has quite a few comparison pictures other than the one posted above. Check them out through here.

It also comes with a new Xbox One Wireless Controller, and you can get a peek at both in the unboxing video below starring Xbox Live’s Major Nelson (thanks, GameplayOnly).

Xbox One S is available now for pre-order and there are three models on offer: 500GB, 1TB and a limited edition 2TB offering. Pricing runs $299, $349 and $399, respectively, and the new controller can be bought separate for $59.99.

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