In this pre-alpha footage of 1996’s Tomb Raider, Lara’s future is so bright that she needs to wear shades.

Celebrate 20 years of Tomb Raider with pre-alpha footage of the very first game

The footage shows off some low-poly animals and incredibly floaty jump-physics, both of which were refined (but certainly not perfected) before the game’s release.

According to the video’s description, this alpha featured “a collection of vast chambers and chasms styled in what would later become the Vilcabamba level textures”. Also interesting to note is that Lara was able to dual-aim in this build, targeting two different enemies at once by pointing her pistols in different directions.

It’s an interesting look at the origins of Lara, whose latest game, Rise of the Tomb Raider, launched on Xbox One late last year.

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