Another Tuesday brings another server refresh in Destiny.

Destiny weekly reset for June 21 – Court of Oryx, Nightfall, Prison of Elders changes detailed

This week’s Destiny reset is here, and you now have a new Nightfall strike to look forward to do, not to mention new Prison of Elders adventures and a new Court of Oryx boss.

Take a look at the new activities below:

Weekly Nightfall: Blighted Chalice is the strike this week with modifiers Berserk, Small Arms, Chaff, and Airborne. Berserk prevents enemies from flinching, even after massive damage. Small Arms grants bonus damage for primary weapons.

Chaff disables your radar, and Airborne gives you bonus damage while in the air.

Prison of Elders

-Level 32: The Forever Eater

-Level 34: Machine Wrath

Court of Oryx

Balwur is this week’s tier 3 boss. Watch this video for a few tips.

Sterling Treasure

Sterling Treasure is a new type of chests you earn by playing the game. You get a free one just by logging in and visiting the Postmaster. Another two await you, one for finishing a level 41 Prison of Elders game, and another for completing a full match in the weekly Crucible playlist.

If you’re wondering what loot you could find in these chests, see this link.

King’s Fall raid challenge

Warpriest is this week’s raid challenge. Our detailed and easy-to-follow guide will help you greatly, and so will this video.

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