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Pokemon Go sparks call for sex offenders to be banned from app in New York

Pokemon Go has raised concern about potential risks for underage players.

New York state authorities will ban registered sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go while on parole.

According to the BBC, New York governor Andrew Cuomo has reached out for Niantic for help enforcing the ban on Pokemon Go, possibly by cross-referencing with the sex offender registry maintained by the state.

The ban will affect about 3,000 people, and will join requirements such as providing home address and online account names to authorities when leaving state prison.

“Protecting New York’s children is priority number one,” Cuomo said of the move, describing Pokemon Go as a potential ‘new avenue for dangerous predators’.

Senator Jeff Klein has also suggested Niantic be required to ensure there are no Pokestops, Pokemon or any other Pokemon Go hotspots within 30m of a registered sex offenders home address.

Pokemon Go’s terms of service require users be 13 and up.

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