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Destiny players have solved (absurdly complicated) Wrath of the Machine puzzle

And it rewards an Outbreak Prime exotic weapon for your trouble.

Destiny players have solved (absurdly complicated) Wrath of the Machine puzzle

It’s hard to say who is more impressive, the designers who create ludicrous ARG puzzles or the players to solve them. This was on fine display in Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion, where Bungie had slipped in a mysterious chest locked behind deadly lasers. Players quickly found a method to disable four of them, but the final barrier proved especially difficult.

As it turned out, the final piece of the puzzle had been added to the pre-launch Owl Sector ARG, recently updated with a massive bulk of encrypted text. Players worked together to decrypt the data, eventually using AI scripts to translate it into 900 image files. Once rearranged as a jigsaw puzzle, these images revealed a diagram of the room that emphasized four columns. Stepping on these in the correct sequence eventually disables the final laser and reveals your prize.

It’s real. pic.twitter.com/bh14Tz9q5t

— Datto (@DattosDestiny) September 28, 2016

And that’s setting aside extra details like your fireteam requiring a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock to complete the quest – or that multiple playthroughs are necessary to get special items from raid bosses. So congratulations on your new Outbreak Prime pulse rifle, Destiny ARG players. You certainly earned it.

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