Worst. Carnival ride. Ever. And I have been on my fair share, I tell ya.

Oh yeah, and f-word that demonic clown at the start. Regular, kid’s birthday party clowns are bad enough. The you have a demonic, hatchet-wielding, porcelainesque-masked, clownish-psycho sort – which are even worse – coming at you. Thanks for the nightmares, Supermassive, and just from the release trailer.

If you are one of the lucky ones who don’t suffer from coulrophobia, but get creeped out by dolls – especially large, pantomime dolls – you’ll have a bit of a jump when you see those in the trailer as well. For those of us who want to set both alight with extreme prejudice, well, just keep in mind both spawns of Satan are featured in the video as well as in-game. Thank god there aren’t any crickets. I’d be catatonic by now.

My personal, psychological issues aside, the launch trailer above looks like a horror buff’s dream come to life.

Early reviews of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood from critics gave the PlayStation VR title good to middling scores, but Matt really seemed to enjoy his time with it and it was one of the few games he played with the headset which didn’t cause nausea.

The game is included in the demo disc which comes packaged with PSVR in the US. Unfortunately, it is not included on the disc in Europe.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will launch alongside PlayStation VR tomorrow, October 13.

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