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Destiny Xur update: should you buy Bad Juju?

This solid primary weapon is Xur’s pick this week.

Xur brought Bad Juju this weekend in Destiny, after having had it just before the launch of Rise of Iron.

Bad Juju is remembered fondly for being many Destiny Year 1 player’s first Exotic weapon, and for good reason, the weapon was among the best pulse rifles available in the game. Things have changed slightly now, but it remains a good pick.

For PvE, the String of Curses perk is amazing at dealing with trash mobs, as it reloads the gun instantly after each kill, and increases damage. You can essentially keep pulling the trigger and never lose accuracy.

Using the weapon greatly increases your super recharge rate, also great for any situation. It’s not a top pick for PvP, but that’s generally because the meta doesn’t favour pulse rifles that much.

As a bonus, the currently ongoing Festival of the Lost event has two cool ornaments for it.

In short, go get it just in case you don’t already have it.

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