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Destiny: Rise of Iron – take a look at the ornaments and gear you’ll earn in Wrath of the Machine raid challenges

Destiny: Rise of Iron challenges Guardians to complete its most difficult activity while sticking to strict rules.

Vosik has challenged you, Guardians. Complete boss challenges in Wrath of the Machine each week to earn Raid gear and Armor Ornaments. pic.twitter.com/xRey9laOLE

— Destiny The Game (@DestinyTheGame) November 1, 2016

Destiny: Rise of Iron raid challenges are live as of this week’s Destiny reset.

This week’s challenge is to tackle Vosik, the Archpriest – the first major boss of the Wrath of the Machine raid – in his second encounter. According to comments on the Destiny subreddit, the challenge is to use all four safe rooms, and to activate them using the extra SIVA charges that drops during the damage phase.

Experienced Destiny raiders can down Vosik in three or even two damage phases, so that means most fireteams will need to activate two safe rooms during at least one damage phase. You can only activate safe rooms that are lit up, and there’ll be one on each side in each round while there are still enough unused rooms to allow this.

The challenge is available in both normal and hard mode. Your rewards for clearing this Destiny hurdle may include ornaments, raid gear and an emlblem. Take a look at some of the rewards on offer in the tweet above.

Several notable Destiny community members and groups have confirmed the challenge mode details, including during streams.


Activate all safe rooms with bombs! Just kill Vosik any way you want after that!

— ProfessorBroman (@Professorbroman) November 1, 2016

Vosik Challenge Mode: Blow up all safe rooms with SIVA charges from DPS phase.

— Happy Datto (@DattosDestiny) November 1, 2016

Raid Challenge Vosik Completed – Clear all 4 clean rooms with the Siva charges that drop during damage phase. #destiny pic.twitter.com/IdfpqktbX2

— Say No To Rage (@SayNoToRage) November 1, 2016

So there you have it – the first raid challenge mode of Destiny: Rise of Iron. It arrived unannounced and sooner than anticipated, but whatever, we’ll take it. And the loot, obviously.

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