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That Pokemon Sun & Moon save glitch might just be the result of cheating

A glitch ruining Pokemon Sun & Moon save files might not be something you need to worry about.

Pokemon Sun & Moon players have been freaking out about what seemed to be a rare but horrible glitch where saving in Pokecentres and Battletree would ruin their game.

When affected players loaded up their Pokemon Sun & Moon saves, they’d find their character model missing and be unable to do anything – essentially meaning they can’t progress and would have to go right back to the start of Pokemon Sun & Moon again. The video above shows the results of the glitch.

Since Pokemon X & Y had a similar save glitch where saves in particular locations would ruin everything, this seemed perfectly believable – and multiple videos were posted showing the save glitch in action in Pokemon Sun & Moon.

But at the same time, heaps of Pokemon Sun & Moon players said they’d been saving in Pokecentres the whole time (it’s a common habit for veteran players) with no issues. So is it just a very rare glitch, or what?

Now Kotaku‘s highlighted a pretty convincing explanation for the Pokemon Sun & Moon save glitch: affected players have been cheating.

This theory comes from Kaphotics, the creator of a Pokemon Sun & Moon cheat tool called PKHex. According to them, it’s a known bug in PKHex and was patched out in the November 18 build which just goes to show you should keep even your illicit software up to date.

Funny how people blame the games for a ‘glitch’ instead of stating they used an illicit tool. The tool caused the problem

— Kurt (@Kaphotics) November 22, 2016

@Evo2587 @xpatriciah no, it’s PKHeX’s Trainer Info editor; saving changes in the latest .exe truncated player coordinates -> chance invalid

— Kurt (@Kaphotics) November 22, 2016

It’s possible that some Pokemon Sun & Moon players really have encountered a save glitch without using this tool, but if so, it’s a pretty amazing coincidence. If it is related to cheating, it would certainly explain why the glitch seems to be so rare.

Even so, I think I’d save outside Pokecentres. Call it superstitious if you like.

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