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Best PC gaming Black Friday deals

Now’s the ideal time to upgrade your rig. Let’s go bargain hunting.

Black Friday is an ideal time to start upgrading your gaming PC, bringing with it a huge number of deals on everything from graphics cards and coolers to monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets and more. And there are the games, of course. Sweet, cheap PC games, both digital and physical.

Black Friday 2016 takes place November 25 (that’s next week, friends), but the discounts have already begun as you can see below. Remember to be a savvy shopper: don’t snap up the first deal you see, but compare across the sites we link to here to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Best PC gaming Black Friday deals – games, hardware, graphics cards

In the run up to Black Friday we reckon these are some of the best deals out there this week.







Advice on buying a graphics card

The GPU is the single most important part of your gaming PC. It determines how high you can pump those visual settings to ensure you’re sitting in front of the most beautiful-looking game possible. The short answer to which GPU should I buy is this: buy the most expensive one you can afford. If you have a 4K monitor or are running 1440p, you need a high end graphics card anyway.

When buying a graphics card look for the model number which comes immediately after the brand name. An easy mistake is focusing on the amount of RAM a graphics card has. Instead, look for a card with GDDR5 high bandwidth, as this outperforms anything GDDR3 by twice the amount.

Now remember that the graphics card works in conjunction with your display and CPU. There’s no point opting for the high-end graphics card if the monitor and CPU can’t handle its performance. See also: your cooling system. High-end gear produces lots of heat so make sure you’ve got enough to chill down your PC or risk frying it during long gaming sessions.

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