Square Enix still has a lot of work to do on Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15 has enjoyed relative success since it launched last week, shipping 5 million copies worldwide.

To celebrate the milestone, game director Hajime Tabata released a statement to outline what the next few months hold for the game. The note was released in Japanese through Gamer, and was later translated by Final Fantasy Network.

This isn’t official translation, but it gives us a pretty good idea about what lies ahead. First up, Tabata said more updates are coming, and the post-launch plan now includes even more of them.

The director then revealed short, mid, and long-term plans for the game, offering fans “a concrete” roadmap.

Short-term goals

“First, we will update the experience of Chapter 13’s gameplay. For that reason, we are undertaking many enhancements such as increasing the power of the ring’s magic. We will inform you of the details of updated content at a later time,” said Tabata.

Mid-term goals

“Updating the production of the second half of the game, further enhancing the experience of the story. For example, we are planning to add event scenes where ‘What happened to Ravus?’ was from. In addition to the event scenes, voice responses and localisation work to all languages will occur so we will work firmly on this as a mid-term goal. Details of the plan will be announced once it’s decided.”

Long-term goals

“We will make it possible to use important characters that appeared in the main game as playable characters. We will also consider adding an avatar system to create original characters. In addition to this, we will continue to actively update so that various players can enjoy Final Fantasy 15 for a long time.”


“After clearing the game, you can carry your progress into a New Game. Finishing it at a low level, an invincible suit, we will offer various items that extend the range of play. Fonts displayed can be enlarged for easier reading.”

As for the already announced add-ons, everything will release as originally planned. Until then, we’ll have to wait for the official translation of Tabata’s statement to see if it brings up new details.

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