Destiny gets festive with The Dawning. What is it? What can you get from it? These questions and more will be answered below.

Destiny: Rise of Iron players are invited to celebrate the end of the year with The Dawning, a new seasonal event kicking off at reset.

The Dawning brings Sparrow Racing League back to Destiny, introduces a new Strike scoring system called Vanguard Elite, offers a stack of new gear including two Exotic quests and Year 3 Icebreaker, gifts you with free presents and offers two new record books.

The accompanying update delivers two reprised strikes and fizes some longstanding Destiny: Rise of Iron issues like the Skeleton Key drop rate and Sigil of the Young Wofl bug.

But that’s just the executive summary; tune in to Arekkz‘s video above to get on board all of this, and everything else you should know before you dive into Destiny: The Dawning in a few hours.

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