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Here’s a full multiplayer match from the intense-looking Friday the 13th game

Watch over 17 minutes of footage from the Friday the 13th game.

The Friday the 13th game always had an interesting promise: throw a bunch of teens in a cabin and give them the tools to escape from the maniac hellbent on killing them. That said, it was hard to imagine how it was going to play out in video game form, and the lack of gameplay footage certainly didn’t help.

That is until today. As part of IGN First, we get our first look at an actual multiplayer match from the game, a full 17-minute escape attempt from Jason.

The video is from the perspective of one of the camp counsellors, and features live developer chatter. It does a good job of showcasing the many smaller mechanics in the game, and how they all contribute to reaching the goal.

What’s interesting is that there’s more than one way to escape, and the game highlights the available options from the get-go, and what you need to do to trigger them.

The multiplayer portion of Friday the 13th will be released early next year, followed by the single-player in the summer.

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