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Dawn of War 3 trailer reveals a bit about how the game’s story will be told

Learn more about what goes into creating the story and cinematics in Dawn of War 3.

The story in the Dawn of War games has always been an integral part of the experience, and Dawn of War 3 looks to be following in the same footsteps.

In the latest developer diary, Dawn of War 3 game director Phillip Boulle and art director Matt Kuzminski talk in-depth about where each of the three factions fits in the game’s story. The video goes on to outline the key elements of the game’s cinematics as well, and the message each of them sends.

We also learn a little bit about the setup that brings the Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar to the fight this time around. There are different motivations for each faction, though not much about those has been revealed.

As for the cinematics themselves, art director Matt Kuzminski refers to them as “animatics”, indicating they may not be the traditional pre-rendered CG we see in a lot of games.

Dawn of War 3 is out in 2017 on PC.

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