Last Stand is the next expansion coming to The Division, and according to the developers, it focuses on organized PvP inside Dark Zones 7-8.

Before we dive into Last Stand information, here’s two important things to get out of the way real quick: there won’t be a Gear Score increase with this content; and a new Incursion is also coming.

That’s about all that was said on that end.

Players in The Division will join up in two, four-team attack squads. When a group of four is created, it will be matched with another group of four. If a player can’t get a group together, they can go into the queue solos and get matched up.

In Last Stand, there will be three, large tactical locations, each of which feature objectives. Each objective needs to be completed in order to earn a score. Once a team of eight owns all zones, they are the victors. A score read out will be provided to the player once the match ends, ranks will be earned, along with bonuses.

The horrible screencap of the map above shows the three tactical areas located in new Dark Zones 7 and 8.

According to the developers, there are some similarities to Domination Mode, but it’s not technically Domination Mode.

Along with PvP, Last Stand will also include Dark Zone 9, and while a PTS isn’t ready just yet, the team will announce when it will be available, soon.

There is PvE included in 1.6 and Last Stand, so that should please those who aren’t interested in PvP. And more PvE is also in the works. We won’t know more about the latter until tomorrow, according to the stream.

A dedicated PvP area is also under consideration, but no further discussion took place regarding such content.

A release window for The Division: Last Stand was not provided, but it’s expected to release sometime before the end of winter 2017. It won’t be a timed console exclusive as originally planned.

Once the stream ends, a more concise rundown of the content will be released twenty minutes later. We’ll update this post with the added information. Also, expect a rundown of today’s stream to be posted in here soon from Arekkz. He will be able to explain things much better than I could even attempt.

Another informative post from the developers will be provided tomorrow as well.

More information was discussed on Survival, and we’ll provide more information on that in another post, if applicable.

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