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You can already tell the Nobushi will be a pain to go against in For Honor – video

Dodging and feigning every other attack is going to make fighting the Nobushi in For Honor a pretty challenging endeavour.

Ubisoft recently revealed the final class for For Honor. It was the Samurai Nobushi, a very agile naginata-equipped hero.

In the video, IGN takes the hero for a spin in multiple 1v1 duels, against several characters from both the Viking and Knight factions.

The length of Nobushi’s weapon allows her to stick opponents from a distance, but her killer move is the back dodge. This move lets her bait the enemy’s attack to open them up for her to riposte.

Nobushi will be among the 12 playable heroes in the For Honor beta, which kicks off later today. The beta will stay online until Sunday, January 29.

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