Get to know the Lawbringer, a deadly combination of a Tank and Vanguard.

For Honor has a wide range of characters available to play, each coming with their own unique set of abilities and a play-style to match. In the past we’ve had videos from Arekkz covering Shugoki and Peacekeeper, but now it’s time to tackle somebody new: The Lawbringer.

Lawbringer is part of the Knights faction and is an interesting combination of a Tank style character and a Vanguard style character – by which we basically mean he has the ability to take hits like a tank but is really built around his wide range of abilities and his natural predilection for counter-attacking.

Key to using the Lawbringer is the ability to properly parry – he’s all about parrying ill-informed attacks and then letting rip on a newly opened-up enemy. Thankfully, we’ve got a guide all about parrying – go read it.

Lawbringer has a unique ability called Stunning Top-Heavy attacks. This unique little extra ability basically means that if you hit an enemy with any attack the game considers ‘top heavy’ the enemy will be stunned, leaving them open for free hits or the start of a nasty combo. A top heavy attack is any high stance heavy attack, and this ability can thus be paired with some of his combos to leave an enemy stunned at a combo’s end.

One particularly useful combo for this is Judge, Jury & Executioner (Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack), since the final hit of this chain is unblockable. Make it top heavy and make your enemies pay!

Other useful moves for the Lawbringer include the Impaling Charge (Sprint + Heavy Attack), a move that you can use to impale enemies and push them into a corner or even off a ledge if you’re going for a dishonorable kill. There’s also the Polearm (Back + Guard Break), an unblockable throw that doesn’t deal damage but does leave the enemy on their ass, ready for a beating.

There’s more on the Lawbringer’s devastating techniques, plus some suggested combos and strategies, in Arekkz’ video – go give it a look!

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