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The Division is down for maintenance – download patch 1.6 and Last Stand DLC now

Download new free patch and paid DLC on all formats while maintenance takes place.

The Division has gone offline for planned maintenance as developer Massive deploys patch 1.6 and the Last Stand DLC.

But while the game is offline you can go ahead and download the new update right away. It weighs in at just over 8GB.

Patch 1.6 is free and adds plenty of new features as well as the expected gear and weapons balances. New to patch 1.6 are leaderboards, Legendary Difficulty, three new Dark Zones and a stack of other additions to the game. You can check out the full patch notes here.

The Last Stand update is part three of the paid DLC and available on all three formats – Xbox One, PC and PS4 – rather than a timed exclusive for Sony’s console. It includes 8 versus 8 PvP combat across four Dark Zone maps, as well as the Lost Signal incursion.

Expect maintenance to last until 12:30 CET / 11:30 GMT / 06:30 EST, after which you can get back into the action.

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