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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide – how to use amiibo

Spend, scan, profit. Sort of. Here’s what the amiibo do.

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While The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild supports Nintendo’s massively successful amiibo figurines, for some reason the game actually hides their use away a little bit. You might find yourself mashing your shiny new amiibo against the Switch trying to figure out how to get it to pop – but for some reason, the option to use amiibo is actually turned off by default.

It might be because the amiibo all offer what more hardcore players might think of as little cheats, offering small ways you can make them game a little easier by giving you some high-end gear and the like.

Anyway, if you don’t care about that, here’s how you turn on amiibo: inside the game, hit start/plus. Head to the system screen on the far right, then hit options. The very first option here will allow you to turn on amiibo.

An amiibo option will now appear as a rune in-game – pressing up on the D-Pad will let you access it alongside bombs, magnesis, stasis and all that other good stuff. When you activate the amiibo rune a circle will appear on the ground – this is where the amiibo bonuses will appear in-world, so do it in a safe place. Amiibo can be used once per day.

What the amiibo do in Breath of the Wild

Each amiibo has a different impact. Here are a few that we’ve tested and know about:

  • Breath of the Wild Archer Link:

    Drops rare bow-type weapons, plus food and other materials.

  • Breath of the Wild Horse Rider Link:

    Drops a unique horse saddle and food, plus the chance for high-end weapons.

  • Breath of the Wild Zelda:

    Drops a chest containing the Hylian Shield, a very rare item and the best shield in the game. Also drops plants for you to cook with.

  • Breath of the Wild Guardian:

    Drops a chest containing rare weapons and items – including the chance for ancient arrows, super-powerful arrows. Also food.

  • Breath of the Wild Bokoblin:

    Drops a chest containing high-power club-type weapons plus meat to cook with.

  • Super Smash Bros Link:

    The first time you scan it you get Epona, Link’s horse from Ocarina of Time. On subsequent scans you’ll get a selection of food items and a chest that’ll either contain a piece of Twilight Princess Link’s costume (as seen in the video above) or a random piece of weaponry.

  • Twilight Princess Wolf Link:

    This amiibo spawns Wolf link as an ally – he’ll fight alongside you in combat. How many hearts he has is determined by data saved to the wolf in Twilight Princess HD for Wii U.

  • 8-Bit Link:

    The 30th anniversary 8-bit Link amiibo spawns a bunch of barrels. Smash them for food and rupees. He’ll also drop a chest containing a piece of the classic Link tunic or weapons.

  • Ocarina of Time Link:

    Scanning this ridiculously iconic version of Link will drop a bunch of raw meat for you, plus a chest which will either contain a piece of the OOT-era Link costume, the biggoron sword, or other basic weapons.

  • Wind Waker Link:

    Either the Smash Bros ‘Toon Link’ or official Wind Waker amiibo will work for this. Both drop a bunch of fish plus a chest that will contain either a piece of the Wind Waker armor, the sea-breeze boomerang, or other gear.

  • Wind Waker Zelda:

    The 30th anniversary Wind Waker Zelda amiibo will drop a bunch of plants for cooking, plus a chest containing a shield – if you’re lucky, the Hero’s Shield from Wind Waker.

  • Smash Bros Zelda / Shiek:

    Like the Wind Waker Zelda, the Smash Bros. Zelda and Shiek amiibo both drop a bunch of materials for cooking and crafting plus a chest that can contain rare weapons or if you’re lucky the Shiek’s Mask armor from Shiek and the Twilight Bow from Zelda.

  • Smash Bros Ganondorf:

    Ganondorf’s amiibo doesn’t have the nefarious impact he had in Twilight Princess HD- instead he just drops a bunch of materials for cooking and crafting plus a chest that can contain rare weapons – the rarest of which is the amiibo-exclusive sword of the six sages.

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