A remake of the Need for Speed Payback trailer in the other game that allows for car stunts.

Everyone loves seeing their favourite trailers created in GTA 5 because it shows off how far creators are willing to go for authenticity. This latest one recreates the Need for Speed Payback announcement trailer.

Creating a trailer for a racing game in GTA 5 may seem trivial, what with all the cars and stunts available to players, but there’s a bit more to it than that. The Payback reveal trailer had snippets of the game’s story, and featured some pretty amazing action scenes.

Trying to recreate those in GTA 5 doesn’t sound easy, but the video above from GTA Wise Guy pulls it off perfectly. The creator manages to find cars in GTA 5 that look very similar to the ones seen in the Need for Speed trailer, which itself must have been a lot of work.

Need for Speed Payback is out November 10, and we’re going to find out more at E3 next week.

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