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Use this fidget spinner mod in GTA 5 and get busted by the cops

If you use a fidget spinner in Grand Theft Auto 5, you’ll be arrested because the cops aren’t fond of this “stress revealing” toy that’s all the rage.

Who knows. Maybe the cops in GTA 5 think it’s some sort of newfangled weapon because they have never seen a fidget spinner which means they have no idea what it is Franklin is holding.

Honestly, I didn’t either because I’m not up-to-date on the latest fad unless it involves shoes. Yes, I’m the walking, talking female shoe-obsessed stereotype people like to make jokes about.

Then again, it’s possible the cops know exactly what Franklin is holding, and it annoys them to no end, thus, he deserves to be arrested.

See for yourself in the video above from GTA 5 mod maker jedijosh920. This particular fidget spinner doesn’t seem to be available through his mod page just yet, unless he’s using another’s mod because it’s not the first time we’ve seen fidget spinners in the game.

Normal sized spinners and a massive one modded were modded into the game back in May, the latter if which knives could be attached to.

We can’t seem to find the mod files for the toy, and we’ve spent 30 minutes looking for one. Maybe you will have better luck. Our search powers have taken the day off apparently. If you find it, slap it in the comments and we’ll add it in, and credit you for the find, of course.

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