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Killing Floor 2’s epic yet gross “Summer Sideshow” event begins tomorrow

“Why does the monkey have a chainsaw?”

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One of the best parts of the original Killing Floor were seasonal events, where Tripwire Interactive introduced new maps and monster skins which were only for a limited time. Killing Floor 2 will be no exception with its brand-new Summer Sideshow event – but this time console players can get in on the action.

For an entire month, Killing Floor 2 will roll out all kinds of seasonal content. A new map – “The Tragic Kingdom” – will force players to face off zombie hordes in a long-abandoned circus. Regular Zed types have been replaced with circus-themed equivalents, including a mutated Strong Man and a giant monkey wielding a chainsaw. Players will also have access to two new class-based weapons, and can earn over 50 cosmetic items by winning tickets during regular matches.

Killing Floor 2 Summer Event 2
Killing Floor 2 Summer Event 3
Killing Floor 2 Summer Event 4
Killing Floor 2 Summer Event 5
Killing Floor 2 Summer Event 6
Killing Floor 2 Summer Event 7
Killing Floor 2 Summer Event 9

What’s more, Tripwire Interactive is making it easier to join Killing Floor 2. Steam users will be able to play the game free for an entire week, while a 50% off sale will run concurrently for the month.

The PC version of the Summer Sideshow starts tomorrow, with the PS4 version following later in the season.

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