This is more than just a new way of fighting in gyms.

Nintendo, The Pokemon Company and Niantic aren’t sleeping on the success of Pokemon Go. While fans of more traditional Pokemon have Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon and a new Pokemon entry for the Switch to look forward to, fans of Pokemon’s phoenomenon mobile hit also have plenty to do. These new first updates for year two of the game are sounding more significant all the time.

Earlier today we reported that Pokemon Go’s gym rework was beginning, and there’s no time wasted here – this same day, the first part of this major update to Pokemon Go will begin rolling out worldwide, adjusting how gyms play and what players can do at them.

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This update introduces a few new concepts including Pokestop-style item-giving functionality at gyms, a revamped gym attack and defense system, gym badges and a Pokemon demotivation mechanic.

Niantic has also confirmed the contents of the next update: multiplayer co-operative raid battles against mega-powerful Pokemon that you can then catch – a sure fire place for legendary Pokemon such as Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres to start showing up.

We’ve got all the details listed in an easy-to-digest format below – so have at it!


Pokemon Go Gym rework: what’s new in gyms today

Pokemon Go’s developers aren’t wasting any time. Earlier today on Monday, 19 June the company began shutting down the in-game gyms across the Pokemon Go world – and they’ll begin reopening pretty much immediately, with revamped, rebuilt gyms rolling out worldwide to all players.

Here’s what’ll be new in the revamped gyms when you head to one:

  • Gyms will have a ‘spinnable photo disc’, much like a PokeStop, and spinning this disc or hitting it with a press of the button on your Pokemon Go Plus will give you ‘unique items’ – though Niantic hasn’t confirmed what these items will be.
  • Gyms will now also distribute ‘Gym Badges’ as in classic Pokemon games. These badges are not only mementos of your gym related play but also level up to earn better rewards and bonus items when you visit gyms.
  • Gyms will now feature six permanent defender Pokemon slots that players of the current controlling team can fill with Pokemon of their choice. Pokemon will be fought in the order they’re added to the gym rather than CP order.
  • Gym Defender Pokemon will be impacted by the new motivation system. Over time Pokemon will become demovitvated, which reduces their Combat Power (CP). This will make it easier for well-fortified gyms to eventually fall, but friendly players can boost and restore a Pokemon’s motivation by feeding it berries.

pokemon go legendary birds

Pokemon Go Update: Raid Battles & more coming soon – including legendary Pokemon

While the gym update detailed above is pretty significant in itself, Niantic aren’t done with that alone. There’s more to come to Pokemon Go, and these updates are even more significant too. Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks once the gym-related dust has settled…

  • Raid Battles will let trainers team up to fight extremely powerful ‘raid boss’ Pokemon. These are timed in-game events that’ll temporarily replace a regular gym for a limited time.
  • Players from any gym team can bury the hatchet and team up to fight raid bosses together – it’s a chance to temporarily bury the hatchet with your red, blue or yellow rivals.
  • Beating raid bosses will reward you special new items – plus the ability to catch the raid boss Pokemon. It’s pretty much a cert that this is how some of those missing legendary Pokemon will show up and become catchable in the game – via raid boss battles..
  • Friends can create private raid groups via friend code system. This is very Nintendo indeed – the influence rages on! Hopefully it’s easier than on your average Nintendo platform.

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