Bluehole is skipping this week’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch.

The news was announced on twitter yesterday. An “unresolved client crash” in the studio’s internal build of the game is to blame for this.

PSA Due to an unresolved client crash issue in our internal build we’re unable to push an update this week.


The developers had not previously shared patch notes for this week’s update, so it’s unclear what we’re actually missing out on. That said, we should be getting July’s patch next week, assuming nothing goes wrong.

This month’s patch is going to be a big one. Among the new additions already confirmed is first-person servers, and FOV slider – and the big one new vaulting and climbing animations.

In other Battlegrounds news, the game recently overtook GTA 5 on Steam’s most played games list. It now only has Fallout 4 in its way before it becomes the top non-Valve game.

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