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Which class should you roll in Destiny 2? A quick guide

Destiny 2’s release is upon us. Which class should you roll to make sure you have the best possible time?

Destiny 2 will probably be just as baffling to newcomers as the first one was, so to help you get over that first hurdle we’ve put together some tips on how to pick a class and get into the action.

We’ve cherry-picked key info from our Destiny 2 class and subclass guide so that new and returning players alike can quickly get across what’s available in the Destiny 2 class-wise.

Quite a lot of has changed or been rejigged, from UIs to introducing new subclasses – one for each class. Titans are now rocking a shield, Hunters can summon a staff and bash the life out of enemies up close and personal, while Warlocks can summon a fancy flaming sword that shoots out devastating energy waves, so they can mow enemies down from mid-range.

Have a browse and let us know which class you’re going to roll for in Destiny 2, whether you’re a newbie or planning to import your beloved 300 hour Guardian for the final game.

Destiny 2 class basics

Veteran Destiny players can skip this section, but if you’re been away or are joining the fun with Destiny 2, here’s a quick primer on how class works.

Destiny 2 offers players a choice of three classes, each of which has access to multiple subclasses. The three classes are Titan, Warlock and Hunter.

Aside from subclass abilities, which we’ll get to in a moment, the primary differentiators between the three Destiny 2 classes are their armour level (squishiness), melee animation, class item and mobility ability (jump).

  • Titan
    The most heavily armoured class, Titans are defenders and front-line assault units. Their melee is a fearsome punch, and they show off their skill and achievements on the Mark they wear at their right hip – a length of decorated fabric. Titans are equipped with boosters that propel them through the air in a straight line.
  • Warlock
    The most lightly armoured of the three classes, Warlocks dish out heavy damage from a distance, and favour synergistic builds. Their melee is an open-palmed slap or shove, and they decorate one arm of their fabulous long coats with a simple Bond symbolising their mystical connection to the Traveller. The Warlock mobility ability is a hovering glide allowing them to stay airborne for longer than other classes.
  • Hunter
    The medium armour option, Hunters are agile sharpshooters who can move quickly in and out of cover and dance around their opponents. They have a strong predilection for knives, explaining why their un-upgraded melee is a stab, and They wear cloaks to advertise their frabjous nature. Hunters can perform a true double jump, changing direction in mid-air to dodge or aim while literally on the hop.

New class abilities in Destiny 2

Bungie has made changes to classes in Destiny 2, in that each class now boasts a unique class skill. This further differentiates each class by encouraging players to take particular roles or adopt specific play styles even before they choose a subclass and loadout.

The Titan class skill is Barrier, allowing all subclasses to place cover wherever they please. The Barrier can be specced in different ways: to provide total protection, or as more tactical cover with a bonus ammo supply.

The Warlock gains more of a support role with the use of the Rift class skill. By placing a Rift, Warlocks can take advantage of buffs for themselves and their allies: healing or increased damage output.

All Hunters can now Dodge, avoiding incoming damage. As well as playing up to the Hunter’s reputation for agility and solo, high risk gameplay, successful use of this class skill can trigger bonuses that reduce the cooldown on their melee skill or reload their weapons.


Destiny 2 subclasses

Players are locked into their initial class choice in Destiny 2, but can switch freely between unlocked subclasses, with experience earned used to purchase upgrade nodes on each subclass tree.

Each subclass is aligned to one of three elements – Arc, Solar and Void – and are further differentiated from each other by super abilities and grenade types, unique passive buffs and attribute bonuses, and enhancements to basic melee and mobility abilities.

Nine subclasses are available in Destiny 2 – three for each of the in-game classes. These include the three new subclasses added with Destiny 2. Your choices are:

You can familiarize yourself with the full skill tree for each subclass through the links above, and we’ll keep these pages updated if anything changes via patch or update.


So, which class should I roll in Destiny 2?

If you didn’t get a chance to figure out your choice during the Destiny 2 beta, you’re now faced with a difficult task, and it might be worth trying out a few different classes first before getting too invested to ensure you like your point. Testing out jumping and melee is particularly important – some players absolutely hate a particular’s class’s mobility ability – and you may find you fall in love with one melee over another, too.

If you’re pressed for time, here are some considerations. First and foremost, how do you like to play shooters? Do you like to charge in with shotguns, or hang back and snipe? Titans are fantastic in the front row, whereas Warlocks and Hunters have bonuses that encourage them to keep their distance.

How about mobility? Destiny in general is a game that encourages mobile play, but not everybody likes hopping around changing direction in mid air. If you do enjoy high agility play, the Hunter may be for you.

If what you really like doing is unleashing hell with special abilities, the Warlock is a good fit. While all the classes can be devastating in the right situation, Warlocks in particular compensate for their squishiness with an immense capacity for murder. If you like glass builds and min-maxing you can have an excellent time.

Beyond that, do you tend to group up, or are you a natural solo? The Warlock’s healing and buff abilities will make them a favourite friend in group situations. The Titan may suit those willing to work in teams to sort out the best tactical locations for cover. The Hunter, on the other hand, is kind of in it for number one (although, that said, a skilled Hunter uses their agility to provide support and revives).

Finally, and while it may seem frivolous, take a look at each class’ general appearance. Destiny is a game about gear, and how you look is one way of showing off how impressive your collection is (Titan players tend to care less about it, but Warlocks and Hunters are all about style). Which class do you most like the look of? Capes, coats, or carapace…?

At the end of the day, Destiny is flexible enough that you can have a good time playing as any class. We expect no less from Destiny 2. See you online.

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